''An effortless way to reduce food surplus''

The kotipizza chain joined ResQ Club in 2019 to reduce their surplus. Since joining our service, Kotipizza Lielahti have managed to save more than 400 portions. Using ResQ Club, the restaurant have managed to add revenue and reduce their surplus to almost 0% percent.

Kotipizza Lielahti

The shift manager Akusti Nieminen will tell us more about how ResQ Club's app has helped to reduce surplus in their restaurant.

''I warmly recommend the app to all restaurants''

ResQ Club has currently 220 Kotipizza restaurants selling surplus food. Kotipizza Lielahti was one of the first Kotipizza's to start using our service. Their offer quite regularly portions through ResQ and have sold an astonishing 93% of their offered surplus food.

During busy hours minor mistakes can occur, so using ResQ Club has given them the possibility to sell for example a pizza made with incorrect fillings or slightly burnt pizza's. Also, the employees can prepare portions from some ingredients that are about to expire and offer them to customers using our app.

Using the app takes only a few minutes a day since Kotipizza Lielahti uses saved templates and using our service became a habit for the employees. We highly recommend ResQ Club in addition to pizzerias, also for all restaurants and cafés that have surplus food because ResQ makes it possible to gain more visibility and reach new customers.

Benefits of joining ResQ

Increased revenue

ResQ turns the lost revenue from your unsold meals into an extra revenue stream by bringing in customers who pay real money for your surplus food. One sold meal brings on average 4 euros to your bank account – you'll do the math on what it means for your bottom line!

New customers

70% of our users have found new restaurants to dine in while using ResQ. Selling surplus food with us doesn't cannibalize your regular sales, as picking up ResQ food serves different user needs than lunch and á la carte dining.

Reduction of food waste

Following our best practices, you are likely to sell more than half of your surplus food with ResQ. Every portion sold and not thrown away reduces unnecessary emissions caused by food production and shows you care about the environment.

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