Leave no meal behind.

Every month, people like you use ResQ to save tens of thousands of meals from ending up in the trash bin. With a 97% satisfaction rate on all orders, saving the world has never tasted this good!

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Eating with ResQ saves you hundreds of euros every year.

Start Selling

Selling with ResQ increases your revenue by 2-6%.

for consumers

Save as much as you can eat

For consumers, using ResQ means discovering new restaurants, cafeterias and grocery stores at around 50% discount and creating a more sustainable environment while at it.

How does ResQ work?

for food businesses

Sustainability that works for your bottom line

For our partners, every portion sold in ResQ is one wasted portion less and one revenue item more in your bookkeeping. Getting started takes less than 15 minutes, so what are you waiting for?

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our mission

Zero-food-waste communities

We exist to make zero food waste a reality. We work towards our mission by making sustainable eating simply the most convenient way to eat there is.

Our monthly impact

Thousands of partners are already fighting against food waste!

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