"Your grocery store will earn money and new customers"

Several grocery stores across Finland are using ResQ Club to reduce food waste by selling “ResQ Food Bags” for between 4 and 15 euros. Read below how K-Market Lapuankatu's owner Aleksi Siltanen thinks about leveraging digital solutions to sell their expiring goods.

K-Market Lapuankatu

We are a small grocery store located in downtown Helsinki. We were the second K-Market to join ResQ Club in May 2018. We always want to try new things and the idea of ResQ Club sounded great. Since then we have sold approximately 250 food bags per month, which has brought us 1,500 euros of monthly extra income. By using ResQ we basically don’t create any waste anymore.

"ResQ is an easy and quick way to reduce waste. You will earn extra money and new customers to your grocery store. And those customers often will buy something extra, so it’s a great marketing tool, too"

Aleksi Siltanen, owner, K-Market Lapuankatu

Very convenient!

Before ResQ Club, we were marking the expiring goods with red -30% stickers. But very few items were sold. Now with ResQ Club over 90% of the food bags are being sold. Customers love it and it’s very convenient for us to use the solution. Every evening our staff makes an inventory in the store and collects expiring items to food bags. We always use the same “Big food bag 8 euros” template, which includes random goods varying from milk products to meat and ready-made meals.

The whole process to use ResQ takes around 5–10 minutes. Our staff sets the offer to go live the next morning and stores the bags in the cold room. Publishing is being made with mobile phones. Once the ResQ customer comes to pick up the food bags from the counter, the person at the counter informs another employee with a radiophone to bring the ResQ bag from the cold room. It’s very easy to use the solution and the whole staff is very motivated to reduce food waste with ResQ Club. I can highly recommend ResQ Club to other grocery stores.

Benefits of joining ResQ Club

Increased revenue

ResQ is the most efficient way to reduce your food waste in grocery stores. The old way to use "-30% red stickers" attract only people who are visiting your store, but with ResQ Club you will get the whole city to help you to reduce food waste. In average, grocery stores earn 1500 euros per month by selling food bags. That's a nice money from the items you would otherwise throw in trash!

New customers

ResQ Club has a broad user base in your city. They will be notified always when you publish an offer. Our partnering grocery stores have signaled that in average 80% of those customers who are buying ResQ Food Bags are completely new customers. And that's not all! 70% of those customers are buying additional items from the store. So ResQ Club is also a powerful marketing tool for your store!

Reduction of food waste

Our partnering grocery stores have increased significantly their food waste burden with ResQ. On average 90% of announced Food Bags are being sold. This doesn't only bring you more income but also reduces your waste costs. Pretty neat, huh?

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