ResQ saves your store from surplus!

There's almost always surplus, but throwing good food away isn't a great option for anyone. Instead with ResQ, you can sell your expiring items to local people. You'll earn extra money, find new customers and reduce food waste!

How ResQ works for stores?

Publish your extra food items for sale easily

Turn your soon expiring products into profit by easily adding them for sale with a few clicks.

People buy your food bags in the app & pick them up

You can decide a timeframe, when customer pick up their orders. You'll also reach hundreds of new people nearby through our app and channels.

We'll pay your earnings once a month

We take care of all transactions (as well as customer support) and pay out your monthly earnings. We deduct a 25% sales commission – no other costs or fees!

Getting started

What can I sell in ResQ?

What I cannot sell?

As a grocery you can sell any kind of food and beverages that are surplus, such as prepared food products, milk & meat products, vegetables or bakery items. What you cannot sell is alcohol, non-edible items or non-surplus food.

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Price is right

How do I price my food bags?

-50% a good rule of thumb

Grocery stores can usually sell most of their surplus via ResQ, but a good discount on a grocery bag doesn't hurt!

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Payment & Earnings

We pay you – You never pay us!

No fixed costs – No risks

We pay your earnings to you every month, if you have sold something. We deduct a 25% sales commission. Otherwise the service is completely free. Also you can use ResQ as much or as little as you like.

How do I get started?

Fill up the sign up form and get started right away!

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Thousands of partners are already fighting against food waste!

What our partners are saying?

K-Market Lapuankatu

ResQ is an easy and quick way to reduce waste. You will get extra money and new customers to...

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Kulman Kuppila

I would recommend ResQ to all the venues that sometimes have surplus.

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Scandic Hotels

Every hotel should use ResQ Club. Spending max 10 minutes on ResQ per day pays itself...

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Konnichiwa ravintola

With ResQ we can keep our buffet table fresh, and at the same time earn extra money...

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K-Citymarket Iisalmi

ResQ Club can be easily incorporated with other food waste means...

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Kotipizza, Lielahti

ResQ gives the possibility to sell for example a pizza made with incorrect fillings…

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I would recommend ResQ to all who have some surplus...

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