The more you eat, the more you save.

Our 50% discount on regular prices saves you money and not needing to cook saves you time. And yeah, the fact that you also save the food from ending up in the trash saves the world.

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Find half-priced meals near you

Whenever you open the ResQ app, you will see affordable quality food easily on a map and on a list. The offering consists of  meals, ready-to-eat snacks, and massive grocery bags that usually have a 50% discount on regular prices. Just browse around and pick the most suitable offer for you.


Buy directly within the app

Purchase your desired meal easily with your payment card or PayPal. You can also add multiple offers to your order if there's more than one mouth to feed.


Pick it up when you want

Unlike food delivery apps, there's no waiting involved – ResQ orders are ready for pickup immediately after your order. You can choose to grab your meals to go as you are passing by the restaurant, café or grocery store.

Start eating affordably

Enjoy restaurant food at half the price, save time and reduce restaurant food waste.

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