"Wasting food is a no-go in our cafeteria"

Hundreds of cafeterias are using ResQ Club. Read below what cafeteria owner Matti Vilhunen and cafeteria manager Ella Kurvinen have to say about ResQ Club helping Rupla Kallio to become a zero waste cafeteria.

Rupla Kallio

We are an art cafe located in a hip neighborhood in Helsinki. Besides tasty cafeteria goods, we serve also buffet lunch during the weekdays and brunch in the weekends. We started to use ResQ Club in March 2016. Since then we have sold on average 200 portions per month, which brings nearly 1,000 euros of additional monthly income to us.

"I highly recommend ResQ Club for reducing food waste in your cafeteria. It’s a great tool to help the environment and enhance your financial situation. And it’s a powerful marketing tool, too"

Matti Vilhunen & Ella Kurvinen, Rupla Kallio

Takes only a few minutes

We are using ResQ Club in many different ways. We sell baked goods such as cakes and croissants, which expire soon. If there’s surplus from lunch or brunch buffets, the kitchen personnel prepares the takeaway boxes and informs the cashier to make the announcement. All the employees from Rupla know how to use ResQ. And as ResQ Club is always open in the computer at the counter, it’s intuitive to use it every day. It takes only a few minutes!

The idea is great and suits well the image of our cafeteria. The whole staff tries to live as sustainable as possible so wasting food is a no-go for us. And of course, extra income and new customers in this business is never a bad thing. The sales of normal cafeteria items might be at some seasons a bit volatile, but ResQ sales is always steady, which brings financial security. Most of the ResQ users are new faces who can be converted as a “normal customers”. We highly recommend ResQ Club to other cafeterias. We recommend other venues to have a clear process on when and who should use ResQ - in that way you can make sure ResQ is being every time when there’s surplus.

Benefits of joining ResQ

Increased revenue

ResQ turns the lost revenue from your unsold meals into an extra revenue stream by bringing in customers who pay real money for your surplus food. One sold meal brings on average 4 euros to your bank account – you'll do the math on what it means for your bottom line!

New customers

70% of our users have found new restaurants to dine in while using ResQ. Selling surplus food with us doesn't cannibalize your regular sales, as picking up ResQ food serves different user needs than lunch and á la carte dining.

Reduction of food waste

Following our best practices, you are likely to sell more than half of your surplus food with ResQ. Every portion sold and not thrown away reduces unnecessary emissions caused by food production and shows you care about the environment.

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