"ResQ helps us to keep our buffet table fresh and reduce waste"

Hundreds of sushi restaurants are using ResQ. Read below what Yang Yuntian has to say about ResQ Club helping Konnichiwa to become zero waste sushi restaurant.

Konnichiwa Sushi Restaurant

We are an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant operating in Helsinki, Espoo, and Lahti. We started to use ResQ in August 2017. Since then, we have sold surplus food worth of tens of thousands of euros. On average we sell over 600 portions per month, which brings us 2500 euros of extra income per month. Often we publish offers many times per day.

"“Earlier we threw the surplus food into the trash. Now with ResQ Club we can keep our buffet table fresh, act sustainably, and at the same time earn extra money. I would highly recommend ResQ to everybody.”"

Yang Yuntian, owner Konnichiwa Sushi Restaurant

Fresh without waste

The biggest reason for using ResQ is the ability to keep the buffet table fresh. We have a rule that one sushi piece should be on the buffet table no longer than one hour. After that the quality of sushi rice suffers. Our staff has developed a skill to feel and see when it's time to take the sushi pieces away. Earlier we threw them away, but now we collect those pieces in takeaway boxes and sell them on ResQ. The boxes are stored in a fridge. Our ResQ offers are live at maximum 3 hours – that way we can make sure that ResQ users are happy with the experience as after that sushi is not good anymore.

We want to be the best sushi place in Finland – that's why we pay a lot of attention that the buffet table is filled with only fresh sushi. Other sushi places were recommending ResQ Club to us and we thought that's a great way for us to be more sustainable and earn extra income. Almost everybody in our restaurant knows how to use ResQ so it's easy to make sure no sushi pieces are wasted. The staff is very committed to use ResQ and as the owner, I can just focus to see how our sales figures develop. It's very easy to use and the short time spent on ResQ easily pays itself back!

Benefits of joining ResQ

Increased revenue

ResQ turns the lost revenue from your unsold meals into an extra revenue stream by bringing in customers who pay real money for your surplus food. One sold meal brings on average 4 euros to your bank account – you'll do the math on what it means for your bottom line!

New customers

70% of our users have found new restaurants to dine in while using ResQ. Selling surplus food with us doesn't cannibalize your regular sales, as picking up ResQ food serves different user needs than lunch and á la carte dining.

Reduction of food waste

Following our best practices, you are likely to sell more than half of your surplus food with ResQ. Every portion sold and not thrown away reduces unnecessary emissions caused by food production and shows you care about the environment.

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